AeroSeal (Duct Sealing From the Inside)

AeroSeal has been around for about 20 years, but you may not have heard about it. This is a process that allows us to seal the joints and seams in your existing ductwork system. We are able to seal systems that are made of metal, flex, duct board, wood, sheet rock, etc.

If you have bad allergies, excess dust, or have rooms or spaces that vary in temperature, this may be the solution for your home. We have seen up to a 30% energy reduction once a system is aerosealed. When your system is aerosealed, you are delivering the air to the specific area that needs it with no air loss through the joints or seams and returning the air from the same area. When your ducts leak air in the joist space, the supply air will blow the dust around in that area. A return duct that leaks will pull the dust into the duct system and deliver to the entire home.